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Amazon Buys Whole Foods – What it means for your retail business!

In the wake of the news regarding Amazon buys Whole Foods, there has been a huge amount of speculation and supposition about the motives, outcomes, and implications of what this deal represents. While the biggest impact is without a doubt reverberating within the food and beverage industry – this deal crosses over into different industries [...]

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3 Companies We Love from Expo West

Recap: Natural Products Expo West 2017 Nearly 80,000 people attended the Natural Products Expo West last week, including our team from Leap Strategic. With over 70,000 attendees and 3500 different companies, it can be overwhelming place to navigate, but there were a few companies that stood out to us.   Kite Hill Kite Hill is [...]

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Products to Watch: Coconut Nectar

There’s a product that could revolutionize the market as an alternative sweetener, but it’s not brand new, in fact, it’s been around forever. In the 1930s Mahatma Gandhi said “It is a way to solve the world's poverty. It is also an antidote against misery.” So what is this fantastic new food? Coconuts. Specifically, coconut [...]

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Distribution – Lesson #1 – Plan for it

If you’re a growing food and beverage processor, making it into a retail market can be unbelievably exciting. But have you stopped to think about what that means for your margins or cash flow? If you thought they would stay the same, you’d be wrong. There is an enormous amount of trouble, cost, and stress [...]

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Labelling Toolbox – The Basics, Part 1

Does the term “labeling compliance”, inspire you to create a beautiful, effective label for your food and beverage product? We didn’t think so either. It is however very necessary to be well versed in the components required for a compliant label. The combination of a knowledgeable graphic designer that has food and beverage packaging experience [...]

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